Mobile devices have completely changed the way we live. Chances are you’re reading this article on a mobile device yourself. Devices like smartphones have changed the way we communicate, access media (text, audio, video, etc.), and even play games.
Perhaps the most popular function of Android phones nowadays is the ability it gives users to play games literally at the palm of their hands. But where can we get these games? Fortunately, for Android device users, there is one convenient place—the Google Play Store, formerly known as the Android Market.
The Google Play Store is where people like you can get games and other content for your Android-powered device. Sometimes, even hardcore gamers like just want to relax and play casual games without having to boot up their computers or dedicated gaming devices (i.e. consoles) just to play. Through Google Play, gamers get fun games such as hidden object games, puzzle games, and even shooting games for low prices, or even for free.
Through Google Play, you can download the stuff you want directly through this app. Google Play comes pre-installed in many Android devices, so all you need to do to begin is sign in through your Google account.
When you open Google Play, you will see some of the many games you can download. Most of these games are free while others can be downloaded for a price. If you’re not sure about what you want, you can browse Google Play’s suggested games and try them out. If you have specific games in mind, just type their titles in the search bar.
If you want to see the game’s details, touch its card. There, you can see descriptions and screenshots as well as ratings by other people who have downloaded it.
If you want to download the games, touch the “INSTALL” bar, or else the “” bar for paid games, for which you have to set your payment method (PayPal and credit card among others).
Make sure to check the details of each game before downloading anything. Google Play is more or less a free market, and almost everyone can sell games through it. As such, some games can try to trick you into paying for what you don’t want.
Follow the above instructions, exercise caution when you download, and in no time, you will be playing all the games you want in the palm of your hand!

A Glimpse at Resident Evil – One of the Best Horror Adventure

A Glimpse at Resident Evil – One of the Best Horror Adventure

Resident Evil is one of the most popular game franchises in the world with

millions of copies sold since its inception in 1996. Since then, the game

franchise has introduced several titles, most of which were critically-

acclaimed by millions of fans of the series. The game is noted for

spearheading the survival horror genre that many adventure games try to

emulate. This article will take a look at the game’s history and how it all



Known as Biohazard in Japan, Resident Evil is the brainchild of Japanese

video game designer, Shinji Mikami and owned by video game giant,

Capcom. The original Resident Evil game was first introduced to the public in

1996 for the Sony Playstation game console. The game was a huge

commercial success and was praised by many gamers worldwide for its

impressive game design and graphics.

Because of the success of the original game, two immediate sequels were

produced. Resident Evil 2 was released in 1998 and was soon followed by

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in 1999. Both sequels were released for the Sony

Playstation. The game also branched out to other consoles by releasing a

port of the original game for the Sega Saturn and a port of Resident Evil 2

for the acclaimed Nintendo 64. Ports of all three games were then released

for Windows.

Released in 2000 and developed for Sega Dreamcast, the fourth installment

in the game franchise was entitled Resident Evil Code: Veronica and was

succeeded by the ports of RE 2 and 3. Those who were playing the Nintendo

GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2 were also not left behind as an updated

version of the game entitled Code: Veronica X was released for both

consoles. Code: Veronica X was also released for Dreamcast but only

exclusive in Japan. This was just the beginning of the Resident Evil franchise

as numerous sequels and spin-offs were released soon after.

The Origin

The story of the original Resident Evil was set in the fictional Raccoon City in

1998. The story tells about a series of heinous cannibalistic attacks in the

Arklay Mountains region, located north of the city. Tasked to investigate the

homicides is the Special Tactics and Rescue Service or S.T.A.R.S. of the local

police department.

Games Ever Made

The initial team sent to investigate the killings was the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo

Team. However, the said team of elite operatives failed to report back which

lead to the dispatch of the Alpha Team for a search and rescue operation.

The team was led to investigate an abandoned mansion. The player takes

control of either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, two of the main protagonists

of the series.

While investigating the abandoned mansion, the team encountered zombies

and other paranormal creatures, leading them to the discovery of the

remains of their comrades in the mansion. At the end of the game, it was

revealed that the mansion was actually utilized by Umbrella Corporation as a

laboratory. The creatures that they encountered were actually a product of

experiments conducted by the Umbrella Corporation to test out the effects of

bio-weapon called the t-virus.

Resident Evil Today

Until today, Resident Evil is still one of the most anticipated horror and

adventure games in the gaming industry. The success of the series has

spawned a cult following among its fans. The game has even branched out

to other media as numerous comic book adaptations, Hollywood films, and

action figures were released in honor of the game.

The Top 8 App Store Games of 2015

The Top 8 App Store Games of 2015

As more and more games are being introduced in the App Store, only a few

are really worth playing for. Here are the top 8 fun games of 2015.

8. Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

In this game, you are the wizard defending his tower against hordes of

enemies. This game is simple yet very addictive and it has beautiful pixel

art. Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is on iTunes as well.

7. Radiation Island

An RPG survival game set on an island infested with zombies, you’ll be

exploring, scavenging for food, solving puzzles, crafting weapons and of

course, shooting zombies. This is one of the best games on the App Store


6. Shadowmatic

A puzzle game with great design, the goal is to cast a shadow that is

recognizable using random shapes. The almost realistic lighting and

interaction makes this a beautiful piece of game.

5. Card Crawl

An intriguing mix of Dungeon Crawlers and the card game Solitaire, you will

need to clear out all the cards without having to die. A very entertaining and

relaxing game, Card Crawl is a quick mobile game, which makes it a certified


4. Dark Echo

You won’t realize that this is a horror game until you start playing. You will

need to find your way out from a dark room before ‘they’ come. Dark Echo is

a clever and well-designed game. The anticipation of the unknown will surely

give you goosebumps. You will need to finish 80 levels to complete this


3. Alto’s Adventure

A beautiful game paired with fitting music, Alto’s Adventure is one of the

best fun games in the App Store. Your goal is to capture escaped llamas

while snowboarding. The aesthetics make this game stand out from the rest.

2. One Piece: Treasure Cruise

Obviously made for the fans of this anime series, this action RPG tries to

immerse every player in to the mad world One Piece. You will meet, control,

interact and fight the characters from the series. What’s even crazier is that

the events and settings are the same as in the series.

1. Space Marshals

A tactical shooting game set in the outer space, your goal is to hunt fugitives

after a jail break. The beautiful story, amazing graphics and interesting

characters are just some of the reasons why this game is on the number one


We don’t know what new games are coming in 2016. What we do know is

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The first tutorial section will introduce you to the Unity3d engine

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to console games, unity3d has made making games very easy and

convenient compared to before. Don’t worry about being bombarded with

technical terms and jargon, the tutorial does a good job of easing you in.

You will be provided with the links to download the software.

Once you’ve downloaded unity3d and have been familiarized with the

interface, the tutorial teaches you how to get started on your very first video

game level.

The second part of the tutorials gives you access to the Awake Demo Package.

It’s totally free, and all you need to do is unlock the download

through the social media buttons in the tutorial. Once you’ve done this, the

tutorials will now guide you on how to flesh out your level with visual effects

and the necessary video game elements. This means that things will start to

get more complicated but don’t worry; the tutorials are also accompanied by

videos to make things simple for you.

The final part of the tutorials will teach you how to really make your game

complete and ready to play.

For this, iFFcom will provide the Awake Pro Package. It includes unity assets you will need like enemy and character

models, weapons to use, pre-programmed game systems, and many more

features. It even throws in a free ready-to-use level. It all comes at the price

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By the end of’s tutorials and all the resources you have been

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